Board Members

The Van Zant PTO has six elected officials that preside over the Board and Committees

All the position include attending and participating in monthly PTO meetings, board conversations and planning for the organization as a whole. 

The officials are chosen by a nominating committee and elected each May by a majority vote present at the meeting. The 2023-2024 Van Zant PTO Board includes:


Melissa Gale

Run PTO monthly meetings, attend monthly district presidents’ meeting, and work with VPs, chairs and parents to fill open positions. 

1st Vice President - Committees

Christine Lydic 

Organize all volunteer efforts, including helping to form social event committees and managing volunteer inquiries on the website. 

2nd Vice President - Fundraising

Erica Asay 

This position is responsible for planning all of the fundraising efforts of the PTO. 


Amy Domanski

The Treasurer manages the PTO’s finances. Main responsibilities include overseeing the budget and providing the board with monthly status reports, paying invoices and reimbursement requests, and working with the PTO’s CPA to file taxes and financial forms. 

Recording Secretary

Kristie Correll

Type monthly meeting minutes.

Corresponding Secretary

Cassie Burns

Sending out Thank you notes, Remind Me Text.