5th Grade Committee

We are so excited that you and your student are part of the Van Zant class of 2024!   Being a 5th grader is a big deal for VZ students. 

Being a 5th grader is a 'big deal' for VZ students. It's a status that they've worked hard to achieve that comes with 'special' privileges and events that they've looked forward to since Kindergarten. The Fifth Grade Committee is a group of 5th grade parent volunteers who work together with the school staff to ensure that every child has an extra special 5th grade experience during their last year at VZ.

What are some of the special 5th grade programs and events?
The teachers, staff and 5th Grade Committee plan fun events for the 5th graders throughout the year. Some can include (and are not limited to) Holiday Breakfast, Special T-Shirts, Year Book, Pasta Dinner, End of year Celebrations, Pool Party and Clap Out.  Parent volunteers are needed to help chaperone and take photos for the yearbook.  The kids look forward to these events as part of becoming official 5th graders at VZ.

Would you like to get involved?
The success of the 5th Grade Committee is driven primarily by parent volunteers. We understand that not everyone will be able to, or is interested in being a part of the committee, however, we're hoping that those that are, will volunteer as little or as much time as possible. We will be holding meetings periodically and will be creating sub-committees to oversee the various initiatives (i.e., pasta dinner, Pool Party, etc).

If you would like more information or you would like to volunteer to be a part of the 5th Grade Committee, please contact the PTO.

2024 - 5th Grade Celebrations

Date subject to change. 

5/16- 5th Grade Pasta Night Dinner 6pm

5/29- 5th Grade Orientation to DMS (MMS) during the school day

Parent Orientation at DMS (MMS) at 6pm

6/5- LEAD Graduation at 9:45am (usually an hour). Refreshments and pictures afterward

5th Grade Pool Party at Woodstream Swim Club 6pm

6/12- 5th Grade Trip to Tall Pines Day Camp (during school day)

6/18- 5th Grade End of Year Party 11am

5th Grade Clap Out 11:45am Date subject to change. Always the last day of school.

Pictures from Class of 2023