Without the support of the community, many of the activities and events offered to students and staff would not be possible. 

Van Zant PTO needs your support! There are many opportunities for parents to be involved; whether it’s from home, at school or in the classroom. Even if you have ten minutes or ten hours, there are opportunities available no matter how involved you want to be.

Volunteering at our school will give you the opportunity to interact with the students and teachers, build a network with other parents, and truly make a difference in our school community. 

There will be many opportunities for you to assist us this year and we highly encourage everyone to volunteer for at least one event this school year. Throughout the year we are also in need of extra volunteers for various events and activities. These events will be announced through our Facebook page (Van Zant PTO), Mrs. Anderson’s and Mr. DiBlasi’s weekly emails, and on our website. When volunteers are needed for these specific events, a sign up genius will be posted.

For any volunteering-related questions/concerns, please email Christine Lydic, our PTO VP of Committees at: 

The following are brief descriptions of the committees and events that we provide.

Art Goes to School

An art enrichment and appreciation program sponsored by the PTO and Board of Education. Each year Art Goes to School receives a portfolio representing art from a wide variety of cultures, places and times.


Art to Remember
Chairperson: Andrea Tierney 

Treasure your child’s growth through artwork. Art to Remember is a creative fundraiser allowing parents to purchase keepsake products customized with their child’s art. 

Blood Drive
Chairperson: Jaff Hasan 

Held once a year, the PTO pairs up with the American Red Cross for a blood drive. 

Fall book Fair

Book Fair
Chairperson: Chrissy Figeuroa 

Held in the Fall and Spring, our PTO organizes a week-long Scholastic Book Fair, where students and their families can browse and purchase current, age-appropriate books. 

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Box Tops for Education Chairperson: Betsy Vietch

Earn money for Van Zant by simply scanning receipts of items bought with the Box Top Label. 

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Color Run

A Family Fun Run where runners are sprayed with colored powder. This event takes place on the fields outside of Van Zant on a Saturday in the Spring. 

Dine Outs
Chairperson: Chrissy Figeuroa

Why cook when you can dine out and earn money for Van Zant? Once a month a dine-out is planned at a local eatery where a portion of the sales will go toward the PTO. 

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5th Grade Activities Chairperson: Amy Hubosky 

A group of 5th-grade parent volunteers who work together with the school staff to ensure that every child has an extra special 5th-grade experience during their last year at Van Zant. This committee of volunteers plans special events for our graduating class. 

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Fun Fair Chairperson: Gabrielle Atkins 

Van Zant’s Biggest PTO event/fundraiser of the year. There are games set up in the gym, a huge prize room, basket raffles, crafts, a cake walk, and refreshments. Volunteers are needed for solicitation, set-up, day of event execution, and clean-up. 

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Holiday Shop
Co-Chairs: Kristie Correll & Victoria Smith 

Held on a Saturday in the beginning of December, students are given the opportunity to shop for their loved ones.

Hospitality Day
Chairperson: Christina DiMeglio 

The committee coordinates food and refreshments for school events. Some of these events are: the Welcome Back Staff Luncheon, Staff Holiday Breakfast, Take Your Child to Work Day Luncheon and Chorus Concerts.

Recess Runners Chairperson: Sheena Heberlig 

A Running Program to promote fitness that is held during Recess where students earn tokens for each mile they run. Volunteers are needed to help keep the students organized and to log the students' laps.

Room Reps
Chairperson: Christine Lydic 

Room Reps are in charge of planning class parties. They also serve as a link between teachers and families by assisting teachers in communicating with families about upcoming events and recruiting volunteers for field trips, donations, and other activities.

Recreational Activities Chairperson: Samantha Fox-Lewis 

This committee is in charge of planning and running the following PTO Sponsored events:

Science Spectacular Chairperson: Christina DiMeglio 

A day devoted to sharing the wonders of science with our children! The students enjoy exciting presentations of all different aspects of science exploration! This committee will coordinate presenters & volunteers, and plan a luncheon for all volunteers and staff. 

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Snack Attack
Chairperson: Laura Chelminiak 

Students have the opportunity to purchase soft pretzels that are delivered during designated half days. We also offer a GF option.

March 7th & 8th

Snack attack Form

Staff Appreciation Week Chairperson: Christine Lydic 

This committee plans and executes daily treats/meals/activities to show our appreciation for the amazing VZ staff. This week typically takes place in the Spring.